Design & Development

Show Room

Our new show room was established in December 2019. which covers an area of about 300 square meters, and there are more than 1,000 sample designs that following the market trend. The samples include various handbags, backpacks, wallets, etc. We will have a meeting here with customers who come to visit our factory, the customers can freely view our samples and compare with other designs. If you see a design that suits your market, you can also choose the design as your company’s design, and you can also make a request for modification. Our R&D team will make the sample according to the customer's requirements, and the customer's logo will be added on it. Customers can also provide us with bag samples or detailed drawings instead of our samples. Then the samples are made by our R&D team Then, it will be sent to the customer company by express, and the order can be placed after the customer company confirms it.

R&D Team

There are 7 designers in our design team, 6 of them are from China and one is from Italy. They are responsible for studying the latest handbag fashion trends in the markets around the world, such as the European market, the North American market, the South American market, and the Southeast Asian market, and developing samples that fit the markets around the world, and making paper patterns for the samples, as well as paper patterns according to the customer's detailed pictures.

The design team has 7 assistants, who are responsible for making high-quality sample bags according to the customer or our paper patterns. They work conscientiously and skillfully, and the quality of the samples they had produced has won unanimous praise from customers. The design team can make about 600 sample bags every month, and can produce about 100 new design samples. Our strong design team is an important prerequisite for us to win the trust of our customers.