Ethical & Sustainable Manufacturing

Ethical & Sustainable Manufacturing

At Guangzhou changqing leather co., ltd. sustainable manufacturing is at the core of all our operations and it starts right at the procurement stage of raw materials. We try to make ethical bags & products with economically sound processes, minimizing the negative environmental impacts on society, while conserving energy and natural resources. Above all, our members are at the core of our manufacturing process, and thus we treat our employees fairly in order to enhance the community at large.

Three-dimensional aspects of sustainable manufacturing

Economic Impact

Our efforts should lead to Economic impact, which may include creating jobs, driving innovation & investing in infrastructure.

Society Impact

We strive to offer our employees good working conditions, respecting human rights, treating our suppliers fairly and ensuring product safety.

Environmental Impact

Our goal is to produce ethical shoes with ethically sourced materials. This means reducing the environmental footprint.

How We Source Our Materials: Traceability and Transparency

Each product from the changqing leather features pu, pvc or semi-pu, sourced from the best ethical tanneries in china.  When choosing leather suppliers, we ensure that each raw material comes from famous brands in China, such as Aushan vivin and Jinxin, etc., to ensure that the material are non-toxic. Also, the using of genuine leather can lead to the killing of animals, and we refuse to use animals.

we seeks to improve the leather manufacturing industry by creating alignment on environmental priorities, bringing visibility to best practices and providing suggested guidelines for continual improvement.