Material Introduction

What is the difference between PU leather and Genuine leather?

The advantages and disadvantages of PU leather

PU is the abbreviation of ploy urethane, whose main component is polyurethane, and which is a kind of artificial leather. Because of its cheap price and reusing, it is now widely used by many handbag factories. Since the appearance of PU leather, it has been imitating Genuine leather. For years of efforts, it has been very close to the Genuine leather in various characteristics, especially in appearance, it is almost indistinguishable.

PU bags have the following advantages:

A. Light weight, environmentally friendly, good elasticity, soft and smooth to the touch, breathable and waterproof.

B. When used in winter, it will not become hard or deformed due to low temperature, nor will it fade and age under strong light. 

C. Not only with low cost its appearance and performance are close to genuine leather, but also it is easy to maintain and flexible.

D. The surface is smooth and compact, can be dyed, with bright colors and various styles.

However, compared with Genuine leather bags, it has poor texture and is not durable. Generally, it can only be used for about 1-2 years. If you pursue novelty, focus on style rather than leather, and want a fashionable bag, PU bag is the first choice.

The advantages and disadvantages of genuine leather

Genuine leather is made from animal skins, and for animal protectionists, the heavy use of genuine leather is distressing.

The advantage of genuine leather is that it is durable, soft and comfortable to the touch, and does not harm the human body. The leather is very delicate and soft, with clear lines, smooth hand feel, good air permeability and heat dissipation, and good moisture and sweat absorption.

But its price is much more expensive than pu, For the same style of bag, the price of genuine leather bag is about 5-10 times that of PU bag. Moreover, the genuine leather bag is not easy to take care of, the weight is heavier than the PU bag, and it is easy to swell and deform when it absorbs water.